Well, they're not really frequently asked questions as no one has really asked them. We did however think that it would be useful to have these nuggets of information at your disposal.


Can I see your delivery information?

Sure, click here


My order is damaged or missing, what do I do?

If your order is not with you after a reasonable amount of time, get in touch and we will try and track it down with our couriers.

If your order arrives and is damaged, it's important to let us know immediately. If you can take photos of any damage, ideally before being unwrapped, it helps us recover the costs from the courier.


Why is fruit not included in my order?

Our mission is to provide you with cocktails of the exact same standard you would receive in a cocktail bar. With that in mind we've taken nearly all fresh ingredients out of our products. This has several benefits:

1, If for some reason our courier is delayed with your order, you won't end up with some gone off fruit in your box.

2, It keeps the price down. We've tried to keep our pricing similar to (or less than) what you would pay for a cocktail on a night out. We've had to factor in the cost of the bottle (and they ain't cheap!), so if we include fruit we'd have to charge a bit more.

3, Our cocktails will last much longer than those from other Cocktail Delivery companies. We appreciate that you don't necessarily want to drink all of your cocktails within 3 days, so we made an effort to offer products with a long shelf life. This is ideal if you have sent or received multiple cocktails as a gift.


How long will my cocktails last?

Unless specifically stated on the bottle of a very few products, the alcohol in the Cocktail kits will last almost indefinitely.

Mixers included in kits generally have at least several months before their best before date. Be sure to check the labels.

Chill and pour cocktails will last for up to 3 months, however we recommend that these are consumed within 4 weeks for the best quality.


Do you ever have offers and sales?

Yes we do. Keep an eye on our social media accounts @sip.and.co

We also offer subscriber only discounts for people that join our Sip Club newsletter. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to join.